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My Skin Feels

“My skin feels tired and dull”

this is the number one  statement that my patients come into my treatment room with.

Everyone wants glowing, snatched and smoother skin. There are two things that people tend to do incorrectly one is home care the other is having the wrong aesthetic treatments.

70% of skin maintenance is done at home the remaining 30% is in the treatment room.

Less is more when it comes to general skincare, you do not need so many products to make your skin sparkle. I advise my patients to fit their skincare products in with their lifestyle. A lot of people have limited time in the morning so I believe a splash of water, treatment serum, moisturiser and SPF is the way forward and then in the evening we deeply cleanse, tone, apply  eye cream and serum. Believe it or not I am not a major fan of moisturisers at night, the evening is when the skin breaths and the cells renew while you sleep, so it is good to use serums that are going to penetrate the skin deeper and into the cells. I only recommend moisturiser if your skin is very dry as they tend to have protective layers to them, whether this be for free radical damage protection, sun protection or pollution protection these can sometimes block the good ingredients absorbing into the skin.

Glow is the thing everybody aims for and to add more glow and help make the skin more youthful adding a vitamin C serum in the morning is the only way to go!  Vitamin C comes in all strengths and textures so when choosing one make sure to listen to your skin, if you have oily skin stay away from the oil based serums also starting on a low percentage and working your way up is a must.

Vitamin C also enhances your SPF by 95% meaning  more protection from them harmful UV rays.

Hyaluronic Acid serums are great at night and most the time can also double up as eye treatments. Our bodies produce hyaluronic acid naturally so adding it topically onto the skin locks in the moisture which can be lost throughout the day. That’s not to say that Hyaluronic acid can’t be used in the morning some of my patients prefer this as a moisturiser and add SPF on top, the drier skin types adore this in the am and pm to lock in the hydration.

My tips to help your skin move into the winter weather are to keep the skin hydrated, exfoliated and protected. SPF is VITAL all year round, just because the sun isn’t blaring that doesn’t mean the harmful UV rays aren’t there! Sun damage is one of the main causes of speedy ageing and skin conditions. Hydration is also key so water intake needs to still stay high in the colder months, the skin is the last place that receives the water you intake so lots is needed to make a difference.

Did you know that the more dehydrated your skin is the quicker you will age and the deeper your wrinkles will appear to me?!


Hyaluronic based sheet masks or an overnight hydration mask is key during the season change and eye masks are a great way to wake up the eyes. If you suffer from puffiness pop both masks in the fridge then apply, the added coolness will boost circulation.

Applying masks the same night as exfoliating is a tip to help the product penetrates the skin better. Exfoliation is also key at keeping  flakiness and dullness away, once or twice a week is enough for any skin type but please be aware of what exfoliation type you go use. AHA acids are still an exfoliation, if you are quite sensitive stay clear of hard grainy exfoliators and even some high percentage AHA’, you can opt for an exfoliating cleanser instead as they are more gentle but again keep use to once or twice a week. Personally I like to feel the exfoliation so I go for a grainy exfoliator which I work all over the face including under my eyes.

Facial treatments are a must for everyone however often that maybe, my favourite go to is the Hydrafacial. Hydrafacial’s are the saviour for all skin concerns, not only do I give them I also enjoy receiving them. Every facial is customised to your skin concerns with 7 steps to the perfect skin and they can treat any skin condition from acne to rosacea. I recommend getting one every 4-6 weeks to keep the skin squeaky clean, decongested and hydrated. Do these along side good home-care and your skin will be flawless all year round.  

As I always say to my clients “your skin is your foundation”!



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